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A Little Bit About The Turunc Cats

Turunç Cats Protection and Rescue Housing Association is a not-for-profit, legally registered Turkish charity.We operate trap-neuter-return program (TNR) which is the most humane and effective method for improving the lives of street cats whilst also controlling the street cat population. The cats are humanely trapped, taken to a veterinary for spaying or neutering, medically treated; and in most cases they are returned to the outdoor locations where they were found, unless the location is unsafe or inappropriate.

Kittens and any cats who are unwell or have suffered a trauma are provided with veterinary care and are looked after at our rehabilitation shelter until they are healthy enough to be released. We also have a quarantine room where we treat sick cats and kittens, without infecting the cats in the main Rehabilitation Shelter. All new cats spend two weeks in quarantine to ensure they do not have any infectious diseases that they could be passed onto the other cats.

We have also set up feeding stations around the village which enables us to monitor the health of the cats.

Cat about to be trapped
This cat will soon be on its way to be neutered.
These cats are recovering in the Quarantine after neutering.
Glad to be home after neutering. Stay safe furry one.