My Life on The Streets of Turunç

Hello. My name is; ‘Clear off’, ‘Scat’, ‘Spssst’ or ‘Bloody cat’ depending on what I’m doing.
Occasionally I’ve been known as ‘Lovely puss’, but that is only occasionally.

I was born late one night in the hollow of a tree, which was our home. Dad left home before I was born, but that didn’t matter as Mum was always very caring. I had one brother and two sisters for a little while. Mum found it hard to find food for us all, so they went to kitty heaven. Mum told me later it’s nice there, with fresh fofinding foodod every day, and everybody loves you.

“Why can’t we all go to kitty heaven now Mum”, I asked.
“We can only go when it’s our time”, she replied.
“How will we know when it’s our time”.
“Believe me, you will know. Now eat that lovely spider I caught for you”.

As soon as I was old enough, Mum would take me with her, to show me how to find food. If we couldn’t find any small creatures or creepy crawlies – yuk – around our home, we would have to venture further a field. Sometimes some of the food we found would taste ‘funny’. Mum told me to leave it alone.
She had some friends once that were really hungry, they ate the ‘funny’ food and Mum never saw them again. “It was probably their time.” She said.

At other times getting food could be easy. During the hot times, the streets are very busy, and there are lots of places where we can go. Mum showed me how to sit by humans when they were eating, then sometimes they would give us pieces of their food.

Humans are funny creatures. They stand on two legs, can be very noisy, and seem to change their fur every day. It is hard to tell at first if a human is going to be friendly or not, so I’m very cautious when they are around.
Mostly I go around on my own now trying to find food, but sometimes my friend ‘Hoppy’ comes with me.
I call him Hoppy because when he was young he had an accident that hurt one of his back paws, and now he can’t use it properly. That makes it difficult for him to catch food, so we always share whatever we get when we’re together. We try and avoid going into humans houses, but one day we found something we couldn’t resist.

A creepy crawlyHoppy and I were creeping past a house when we stopped because of a lovely smell – fresh fish. A human had very ‘generously’ left 2 fish by an open window. We had a quick discussion and decided that the fish had been left for us, but we still had to be careful. As Hoppy can’t jump very well, I jumped up to the window, saw nobody guarding ‘our’ fish and used my paw to push one down to Hoppy. He confirmed that it was OK, so I pushed the other one down as well. We had each eaten about half of the fish when ‘The Turunç Bullies’ came along.

They are four big cats that are always taking food from someone else who has it. As we don’t always see ‘eye to eye’, I told Hoppy it was time to leave. So we found some shade by a tree and started cleaning ourselves. It wasn’t long before ‘The Turunç Bullies’ started squabbling among themselves about who was going to have the biggest bit. Suddenly the human in the house came out to see what all the noise was about, and found these cats had stolen her fish. Hoppy and I just sat back in the shade and laughed while ‘The Turunç Bullies’ were being chased up the street with a broom.

Sometimes life is very good! Life on the streets of Turunç is generally hard, but as you can see we occasionally have good days. So, if you should see two small cats together in Turunç please give them some food. It might be Hoppy and me. We will be eternally grateful, and maybe ‘our time’ will not be for a while yet.


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