Lucky's Story

Lucky was adopted by a British couple Graham & Terry who have a house in Amos, but live mostly in France. This is their and Lucky's story.

During our visit in March this year we were ‘adopted’ by a starving kitten. Her dramatic arrival on the top of our lighted gas stove to get at the meal we were cooking told us she was desperate for food. Not having any ‘cat-food’ we fed her meat, cheese and Soya milk. Soon she became a regular visitor several times a day but made it apparent that she didn’t like Soya milk. As she got regular meals she became less desperate and friendlier. When the time came for us to leave, we left her food supplies – we didn’t know about the ‘Turunç cats’ society’. However, back home we felt so strongly about having taken her in and then leaving her, we decided to formally adopt her and so Terry came back to find her. She was waiting and came trotting up as if it was only to be expected. Trying to source a cage and cattery put us in contact with the Turunç cats society. ‘Lucky’ was kennelled to get her rabies jabs and passport whilst Terry returned back home and to work. Arriving again in August, we collected Lucky whom we have renamed ‘Ykcul’ as she needed to retain some of her Turkish origin and Ykcul at least sounds Turkish. At first she was dubious about us, as many scratches proved, but slowly she has become more relaxed and confident and her lovely nature is showing through. Although still a kitten, she is clever and only needs to be shown something once. She loves playing with string, especially if one is trying to use it. In particular the mesh cage we are building for her in the back of the car for her to travel home with us to France. She loves her ‘mouse’ that we bought from the pet shop in Marmaris and hopefully this will keep her happy during the long journey to her new home.

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