Boris’s Story

Just got back from staying at the Turunc hotel for two weeks and I have to admit that it was almost vegetarian for me because even though I did fill my plate with meat, it either got put down under the table, or into a plastic bag to take to any cat that I may pass on our after dinner walk. Boris, the one eyed ginger surprised me on day after seeing him at the shop, he turned up at our hotel. I have many pictures of him on my knee having a lot of cuddles! Another hotel visitor, is a very loving white cat with one blue eye and one green one, he sat with me on my sunbed for quite a while. The most frequent visitor was a tabby who I found out from the shop had given birth to kittens, I think it was last year, by the hotel. I think they have got the mum and baby girls sorted, but I think they are still after the one boy kitten. I fell in love with a long haired tabby who had a few large fur balls on her sides so when I passed the shop, luckily she was about, I had an English gentleman (who I think had something to do with the charity) hold her while they gave me some scissors and managed to get one of the fur balls off. On our walk back from Amos beach, I did hear a cat crying in the woods, it was a tabby and white one, she watched us for a while, but disappeared back into the trees, this worried me but she wasn't that far from Amos so hopefully she will manage to get down there if she is hungry. From what I could see, she didn't look bad. There was also a small white cat, with a few markings on, that was by the Yacht Club near our hotel, I took food on for her twice a day, and she would come when I called her. She seemed quite young so hopefully if she hasn't been done, somebody from the shop will find her and sort her out. I could have stayed there forever and helped out, but they are doing a terrific job, I know that the cats are cared for so I will just help out by donating. If you do go, visit them and give them anything you can, instead of bringing them back home. I do have 4 cats at home, so they called me the cat woman at the hotel!



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