Cats That Can Be Adopted

All cats deserve ‘loving forever homes’.

However, the cats featured here are 'more deserving' as their quality of life is impaired for one reason or another. The reason is detailed in the notes against their repective pictures.

Please contact us through the Turunç Cats Protection Contact page if you would like to offer one of our cats a forever home.

If you live in Europe you can easily adopt one of our cats.
At the present time there is no need for quarantine in Europe for cats providing all the vaccinations, tests and paperwork is in order, which we will be happy to arrange for you.

Mymarti is going to a forever home in the UK

Mymarti has been adopted by our friends and is going to the UK on Sunday. Mymarti isn’t a well kitty and we really didn’t know if he would be well enough to travel. I didn’t say anything as I didn’t want to tempt fate. He has recently recovered from another lung infection, and we didn’t think he would be able to travel. But thankfully our wonderful vets got him well again and he has made a fantastic recovery. Mymarti was due to go to his new home next month, but a vacancy came up for Sunday. Mehmet checked him and said he was well enough to travel.

When one of our friends asked about him I explained that we didn’t think he would survive the winter on the streets and after seeing him struggle during last summer we were concerned about the summer. I said he really need a forever home to live his twilight years in comfort. Our friend immediately said they would like to adopt him but wants to remain anonymous. Thank you friends so much for giving Mymarti a new life in a loving forever home.